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Font Organizer

Font Organizer is a revolutionary plugin for font implementation, focused on uploading and applying custom fonts and google fonts in WordPress websites.

The plugin is intended for both developers and regular users in order to easily add regular, google and custom fonts then assign them to different elements in your website effortlessly.

Key Features

Apply fonts for known elements or custom elements of your choosing easily.

Upload font to your website and apply it on any element.

Add any google fonts in one click and apply them on any element.

Multi upload allow you to upload more font formats to support more browsers.

Delete and remove fonts from your website in one click.

Full support for language translation, including RTL languages.

Our code is extremely clean, well written, and optimized for maximum performance for your website.

Choose your fonts & font sizes in the editor (tinyMCE).

It’s awesome like its users.


Just download & install the plugin from your wordpress site. Or

  1. Download the plugin from here.
  2. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/font-organizer directory.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in your WordPress site.
  4. Use the Settings->Font Settings screen to configure the plugin and follow the steps.

FAQ & Guides
Q: What is API key, and why do I need it?

A: API key is a special key made by google in order to let users view their full list of fonts and use them in the plugin. Without it the entire function of google fonts will not work.

Q: How do I create API key for the plugin?

A: Inside the plugin click on “HERE” at Settings->Font Settings->General Settings->Google API Key. Open the Credentials page link. Select “Create a project”. Give the project a name, any name that makes sense to you is ok, then press OK. Click on “Create credentials” > “API key”. There you go, google generated a brand new API key for you. Copy the entire key and paste it on the designated place in the plugin settings.

In order to enable the API key go to API Manager dashboard or use the link: “” Press “ENABLE API”, Then Choose “Web Fonts Developer API” under “Other popular APIs” section. – This step is a must.

Congrats, your API key is now enabled.

Q: What the option "Show Font Family Preview" means?

A: When selecting fonts in section 1, you will see a lot of different fonts, ticking this option will let you to actually see example of the font you are about to use. Due to the need of loading each font example from google, this option will slow down the performance of the plugin page.

Q: What the option "Access Settings Role" means?

A: We wanted to give you the option to decide which roles in your wordpress website are allowed to use the plugin, so you may or may not allow other users with access to the website the ability to use the plugin.

Q: Why can't I see assigned fonts even after I have done everything correctly?

A: Sometimes some browsers save a cached version of the page when browsing it to display it faster. If you can’t see a new font you have assigned, make sure to clean the cache using Shift+F5 to clean the current page, or Ctrl+Shift+Delete to clean all. (Some websites might use cache plugin that must be refreshed before)

Q: I have some element in the website - and the font would not change for it, what do I do?

A: In some cases some elements are assigned with fonts in a very specific ways via other plugins or themes, and thus you will need to target those elements using CSS id or class, in section 4 of the plugin “Custom Elements Settings”. If you have absolutley no knowledge of what is CSS, you might need help of a webmaster.

Q: I have bought a font and it came with many font weights, what is the best way to upload all of them using the plugin?

A: Each upload process at the moment is used for 1 font weight only. Uploading more then 1 font weight is done by doing the upload process several times, once for each font weight. When uploading the font weight you should write its weight in the font name. Example: “Arial Bold” or “Arial Italic”, so you could easily use them later in the plugin.

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